4 Day Beginners Foundation Course


This course is designed with the beginner student in mind. It will teach you all you need to know on every aspect of nail enhancement tip overlay. We will give you the necessary platform upon which to build your skills. We have carefully structured the schedule to balance the essential theoretical and practical application. Our courses are unique in their approach to inspire, ignite and educate budding professionals with key skills that allow you to get out into the field and start working safely right away.


You will learn

Health, safety and sanitation. Natural nail anatomy. Nail diseases and disorders. Client consultation and record cards. Natural nail preparation. Tipping and blending. Pink and white product application. Product rebalancing and maintenance. Safe removal of product. Aftercare advice.


You will need

To dress comfortably and professionally. A minimum of 10 models. Your own natural nails free from product. A model on day three with a good nail plate. A model on day 4 with one hand in need of a rebalance and one hand free of product. To compile a photographic portfolio of your work as you progress.


You will receive

A full foundation kit to complete a minimum of 20 sets of nails. A professional manual and Habia standards. Upon successful completion of practical assessment, written assessment, and completed portfolio an industry recognised certificate.


How much will it cost?

Award winning Entity success liquid and powder (acrylic) £500 +vat.

Award winning Entity One gel £600 +vat.


Course duration

Day 1. 10am – 4pm

Day 2. 10am – 4pm

Day 3. 10am – 4pm

Day 4. 10am – you’re finished



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