A Little bit about Millennium Nails Liverpool

“It’s better than Prozac coming here”… is a common exclamation from loyal and new clients alike. Laughter can be heard many shops away most days and lots of customers say that they learn something new every time they visit (not always related to their beautiful nails)

After almost 30 years in the Nail and Beauty industry Justine Chew is still as excited and completely passionate about what she does as the day she began.

The original plan for the Maghull site was to be primarily a wholesale and training academy. Capitalising on her many industry contacts and passion for new and innovative products and passing on her highly sought after skills as a trainer to the next generation of nail technicians. It wasn’t long however before news of the quality and individuality of nails being produced in Maghull got out and the customers arrived in droves.

Back then Justine was rather a maverick when it came to nail designs. ‘Mirror disc’ nails were one of her signature styles. Of course these days embellishments are the norm but 18/19 years ago it was unheard of. Nail piercings! no! hanging jewellery from nails –what!! The customers loved it and suffice to say the Maghull business went from strength to strength

It’s a happy vibrant place to visit, understatedly beautiful in its French inspired decor. The salon is set out in such a way that all clients and nail technicians can join in the same conversation if inclined and the friendly mood is contagious.

Popular Treatments

By far the most popular treatment is L&P for which ENTITY products are used. In 2008 Justine became the Entity Educator for the Liverpool and North West, having qualified to be an Educator under the watchful eye of Lee-Ann Smith (the then Global Head of Education of Entity Beauty). In her opinion nothing comes close to the smoothness and clarity of Entity and she only wants to give her customers the best.

Following closely second is the ever growing long lasting gel polish manicure. For this she uses ENTITY ONE colour couture, Halo by Pure Nails and Progel. Again Justine offers training in all these brands and firmly believes in using everything she teaches with on a daily basis herself.

As well as nails the salon also specialises in both staple and seasonal beauty treatments with Glitter/chrome  toes and smooth heels a must for the Summer holidays. Their Mavex callus peeling system is ever popular.

For those clients seeking a little more permanency with their beauty treatments the salon also offers semi permanent make up in their clinical room. With outstanding results in eyebrows especially. Justine also carries out semi permanent make up at other Salon’s across the North of England.

Obviously with Justine’s standards, all of her staff are trained to the very highest level ensuring that every service you will receive at Millennium will be the best it possibly can.

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